In the night there are many tears, but joy comes in the
Our Goal

Our goal is to help children (and adults) adjust to the divorce and manage their grief in a healthy way.

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Next Steps

If you are interested in enrolling your family in the New Day program, please download the Participant Application and mail it to us at:

CenterPoint Counseling
Attn: New Day
7700 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46260
317-252-5518 (fax) 317-259-5718

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Questions about New Day

About New Day (for Participants):
When does New Day meet?
The 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of each month (September-May).  Families come from 6:00p-8:00p and enjoy dinner (free of charge) and age-appropriate activities and connection.

What is a typical New Day night like?
Each evening begins with dinner at 6:00 PM and ends at approximately 8:00 PM.  After dinner (6:30 PM) we break out into age appropriate groups.  For the children, there is a topic of the evening in which they will discuss and participate in an activity relating to the topic.  During their group time, they also visit our “Volcano Room” (located in our Multi-purpose room) for energy and emotion release and the “Whisper Room” for quiet reflection through mediums such as drawing, painting and Play Dough.  Each group setting is safe and confidential for the children.

The adult groups start with a psycho-educational presentation relating to parenting throughout the divorce and breaks into two-four groups.  Each group is allowed time to further discuss the parenting piece and also allows for self-support relating to their own divorce experience. 

Is New Day considered therapy?
No.  New Day is not considered traditional therapy or even a therapeutic group.  We are a directional support group – meaning each month a theme is presented dealing with an issue of divorce (i.e. anger, worry, holidays, living in two homes, stepfamilies, etc…) via videos, presentations, puppet shows or animal stories.  No child is required to participate in any activity or dialogue.

How can I get signed up?
Please fill out the application found on this website and mail it to the address listed.  We do require that parents attend a brief intake interview with New Day staff to ensure that New Day is a good fit for you and your family.  Please call the office to schedule your interview and inquire about space availability of the program or age group of your children.  It is required that individuals have at least filed for divorce prior to enrolling in New Day.   

Is it confidential?
We encourage all participants to be respectful of each other.  In addition, all facilitators and staff do make a commitment of confidentiality to keep issues that arise during New Day at New Day.

Can I get updates on my children from the facilitators or their groups?
No.  As mentioned above, facilitators follow a commitment to confidentiality*.  What happens in the group stays in the group.  This allows your children to feel emotionally safe and free to discuss anything they want to.   If you have concerns, please contact New Day staff. 

*New Day follows state law in relation to exceptions to confidentiality.

Can I visit my kids or observe in their group room?
No.  In order to keep each group room emotionally “safe” from other adults, we ask that adults never be allowed in the group rooms.  Each group consists of a well-trained facilitator team who is instructed to contact a New Day staff person if you are needed. 

Can I drop my children off at New Day and pick them up after its over?
No.  The parent, guardian or other adult who is responsible for bringing each child to the program must stay on the premises until the conclusion of New Day. 

As a parent, do I have to participate in a group?
No.  If adults choose to opt out of a group, they are welcome to stay in designated waiting areas of the church until the conclusion of New Day.

What if a grandparent or other adult brings my child to New Day?
Grandparents are welcome to New Day.  We simply ask that you inform staff prior to the evening and whatever adult brings your child will stay on the premises until the close of the evening, but will not be permitted to participate in groups.

Is it religious?
New Day is a ministry of CenterPoint Counseling and Second Presbyterian Church.  We conclude each evening with the New Day Prayer.  However, it is not considered a religious program and New Day does not discriminate against race, religion or socio-economic status.  People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome.

What if there is a waiting list?
You will be notified if there is a waiting list for any group in New Day.  If there is a waiting list, we encourage you to submit your application and schedule your intake interview.  This will complete the enrollment process and allow you to start immediately when space becomes available.

How much does New Day cost?
Because of the generous donations from the community and Second Presbyterian Church, New Day is able to operate free of charge to families.  However, New Day welcomes donations of any kind.  Please see how to make a contribution to New Day.

What is the Volcano Room?
Each group (except adults) will spend at least 15 minutes in the Volcano Room during a typical New Day night.  It is a place where young people and their facilitators “release” emotion and energy.  They rip up telephone books, pop bubble wrap, hit swim noodles against the floor or wall, run, scream or “explode as needed”.  It is a New Day favorite!

What is the Whisper Room?
After the explosive Volcano Room, groups rotate into the Whisper Room with soft music and low lighting, where the only major rule is to whisper.  Young people and their facilitators can artistically express their emotions through color with markers, paint or work with clay/play dough.

What if my child does not want to talk about our divorce at New Day?
The number one rule of New Day is “I Pass”.  Anyone who does not want to talk or participate in New Day group activities or conversation can simply say “I Pass” and without penalty, the group will continue.  Facilitators will still support a child who does not want to be involved or active in a group activity by simply being with them.

What if my ex wants to come with us?
Both parents are invited to come to New Day as long as they each attend an intake interview and different adult groups.  One goal of New Day is to encourage and help parents work toward co-parenting as much as possible, while maintaining a “safe emotional environment.”

What if I miss coming to New Day 3 times in a row?
If you miss coming to New Day 3 times in a row, we will assume New Day is no longer meeting your family’s needs and offer your spot to a family on the waiting list.  You will be notified by phone first and then by letter if needed.

What if we decide to take a break from New Day and decide we would like to come back in a few years?
By definition of being an open-ended program, you are able to enter and re-enter the program for as long as it meets the needs of your family.  New Day understands that the needs of a child/person can change as their developmental levels change as well.  However, once you decide to take a break from New Day, we cannot guarantee space will automatically be available.  Therefore, you may be placed on a waiting list.

What is the age breakdown for New Day?
New Day is open to children ages 3 to Jr. High.  We do provide free childcare for children under the age of 3 whose siblings are old enough to attend group.
Our age appropriate groups are as follows:
Adults have 2-4 small groups.
Preschool (starting at age 3)
Kindergarten-Grade 1
Grades 2-3
Grades 4-5
Grades 6-8